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Understanding Responses to Postwar Education Reform in the Multiethnic District of Brčko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Education and Reconciliation : Exploring Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations

Continuum, 2010

Book chapter

...Introduction Literature on reconciliation and education often highlights the importance of contact time between students from different ethnic/racial/religious/cultural backgrounds, drawing on the contact hypothesis, which claims...

Returnees and the Challenges for Education Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education and Internally Displaced Persons : Education as Humanitarian Response

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...The three-and-a-half year war in Bosnia and Herzegovina resulted in the displacement of approximately half the country’s population of 4 million, including both internally displaced persons and refugees. Since the signing of the Dayton...

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The impact of an unreformed system

Education in Non-EU Countries in Western and Southern Europe : Education Around the World

Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

Education Around the World chapter

...Introduction Hopes that the twenty-first century would see fewer violent sectarian conflicts than the twentieth century have begun to fade as both long-standing and newly emerging violence has illustrated the still central...