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Participatory school governance: children in decision-making in the Zambian context

Children as Decision Makers in Education : Sharing Experiences Across Cultures

Continuum, 2010

Book chapter

...1st grade learners in Nakasaka Community School – PAF Mumbwa, Zambia. (Courtesy: Gina Chiwela, Peoples Action Forum, 2009). Introduction People’s Action Forum (PAF) is an indigenous Zambian non-profit...

Health Promotion through ABC Education: Agenda Setting and the Development of the ABC Strategy in Zambia

Education and HIV/AIDS : Education as a Humanitarian Response

Continuum, 2011

Book chapter

...Introduction The way national policy regarding an HIV/AIDS prevention strategy is created and implemented can have a significant impact on its...

Comparing Course Syllabi from A to Z

Course Syllabi in Faculties of Education : Bodies of Knowledge and Their Discontents, International and Comparative Perspectives

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Book chapter

...Introduction To help prepare future teachers for the complexities of the teaching profession, many teacher education programs require preservice teachers (PSTs) to complete courses that focus on sociological aspects of education...

Zambia: An Overview of Formal Education

Education in East and Central Africa

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Education Around the World chapter

...Introduction Zambia attained its political independence from Britain in 1964. Before this period there were 75 years of colonial administration during which most of the provision of education was mainly in the hands of missionaries...