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Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies contains new and exclusive country-specific article content on a wide range of carefully selected topics within the six education levels of early childhood, childhood, youth, primary, secondary and higher education. These articles are consistently structured to enable users to make easy comparisons between countries. They enable a comprehensive understanding of education systems as well as childhood and youth experience. All articles are commissioned and reviewed by a prestigious team of Regional Editors, with an additional layer of peer review provided by the Editors-in-Chief.

Article coverage currently includes the following countries:

Afganistan Ghana Nigeria
Argentina Greece Norway
Australia Guatemala Philippines
Brazil Indonesia Portugal
Canada Japan Russia
Chile Kenya Singapore
China Lebanon South Africa
Egypt Malaysia Switzerland
England Mexico Turkey
Finland New Zealand USA

Hundreds of new articles will be added every year and eventually every country in the world will be covered. Find out more about the content update plan.

Education Around the World Series

The Education Around the World series is designed to provide a global picture of education at the time of its authorship and publication enabling national, regional and global trends to become apparent and be compared. All countries in the world are represented, thus capturing both global trends and idiosyncratic features at the same time. Each volume includes a substantial editorial introductory chapter, followed by individual country chapters written by indigenous authors who are recognised experts in their field, allowing for special local factors to emerge and to be explained with authority and cultural understanding. This encyclopedic resource is the first to provide global coverage combining up to date portraits and analysis of distinctive features and guidance on wider resources including connections to online dynamic data sources.

Series Editor: Colin Brock was Honorary Professor of Education at the University of Durham, UK, and Visiting Professor of Geography at the University of Loughborough, UK. He was also UNESCO Chair of Education as a Humanitarian Response at the University of Oxford, UK.

  • Education in the Arab World, ed. Serra Kirdar
  • Education in South East Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands, ed. Hema Letchamanan, Debotri Dhar
  • Education in Mexico, Central America and the Latin Caribbean, ed. C.M Posner, Christopher Martin, Ana Patricia Elvir
  • Education in the European Union: Post-2003 Member States, ed. Trevor Corner
  • Education in Non-EU Countries in Western and Southern Europe, ed. Terra Sprague
  • Education in South America, ed. Simon Schwartzman
  • Education in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, ed. Michael Crossley, Greg Hancock, Terra Sprague
  • Education in the European Union: Pre-2003 Member States, ed. Trevor Corner
  • Education in the United Kingdom, ed. Colin Brock
  • Education in West Africa, ed. Emefa Takyi-Amoako
  • Education in North America, ed. D.E Mulcahy, D.G Mulcahy, Roger Saul
  • Education in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, ed. Nadiya Ivanenko
  • Education in East and Central Africa, ed. Charl Wolhuter
  • Education in East Asia, ed. Pei-tseng Jenny Hsieh
  • Education in Southern Africa, ed. Clive Harber
  • Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Netherlands Antilles, ed. Emel Thomas • Education in South East Asia, ed. Lorraine Pe Symaco
  • Education in West Central Asia, ed Mah-E-Rukh Ahmed
  • Education Around the World: A Comparative Introduction, Colin Brock, Nafsika Alexiadou


Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies contains 100 academic eBooks on comparative and international education, education, including Peace Education (Prose Award Honorable Mention 2017) and Secondary English Teacher Education in the United States (NCTE ELATE Meade Award Winner 2018).

Country Overview Pages

Country Overview pages provide a convenient starting point for research and contain short introductions, statistical data (including GDP, school enrolment at the primary level, life expectancy, population and more), Regional Editor and Contributors details, as well as helpful links to further reading in the resource.

Education Level Overview Pages

Education Level Overview pages provide accessible introductory information on each of the six education levels: Early Childhood, Childhood, Youth, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education. They provide information on the Editors-in-Chief and topic coverage as well as functioning as a jumping-off point into further research.


A collection of over 60 policy and case study-oriented research reports from the World Bank Group Open Knowledge Repository

Comparative and International Education

The Comparative and International Education collection includes 142 Taylor & Francis and Routledge eBooks, perfect for students and researchers looking for global perspectives on education.

Key subject areas covered include:

  • Decolonising curriculums
  • Social justice and education
  • Higher education reform
  • Global development
  • Transnational education
  • Citizen education

Hosted as part of the innovative Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies platform, this collection spans the globe, enables comparative study, and examines pressing issues in international education from early childhood to higher education.

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