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Exploring Comparative and International Education

Our new eBook collection, Comparative and International Education, comprises over 140 titles and covers topics such as social justice in education, higher education reform, global development and more.

Students and researchers can examine global perspectives on education and easily compare education systems across the globe from early childhood through higher education.

We’ve curated a selection of titles to get you started; explore these free-to-read chapters below.

Citizenship Education

Global citizenship has become a popular focus of academic research and debate, but how practical is such a broadly defined term? In this chapter from Conversations on Global Citizenship Education, Emiliano Bosio investigates and discusses with researcher Douglas Bourn.

Learn more about global citizenship education and read the conversation.

Does interculturality offer a path toward equal education? Author Robert Aman argues that approaching interculturality through the perspective of colonial difference contextualizes socio-historical influences on education, aiding in decolonisation.

Read more on the concept of cultural differences versus colonial difference in this chapter from Decolonising Intercultural Education.

Social Justice Education

Teaching social justice in the classroom requires both educators and students to engage in self-reflection in releasing and examining their personal beliefs and privileges. In this chapter by Peace Kiguwa, the author explores the method of forced introspection to achieve this and provides an example curriculum.

Study this method of practicing social justice education in this chapter from Teacher Education for Diversity.

Higher Education Reform

New technology, globalization and lack of resources are altering the landscape of higher institutions that now feel increasing pressure to respond to the resulting social and political demands. Through a series of case studies, this collection from Patrick Blessinger and John P. Anchan explores the changes occurring worldwide in higher education systems.

Read about higher education reform in the introduction to Democratizing Higher Education.

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